Research Areas within Resistance and Power

Areas in the research program

The focus of the research program is described below in four different interdisciplinary research areas. These form the backbone of the program. All projects in the program address issues in at least one of the research areas, but they may affect several of them.

Research Areas


Approach and method

To highlight the thematic areas described above, the researchers will work actively with several perspectives, methods and techniques in connection with data collection and analysis. This is an important part of social science research and a central part of an interdisciplinary research program like this, not only to triangulate different empirical findings and results, but also to consciously contrast perspectives in order to achieve innovative knowledge contributions for the benefit of research and the many people. We will use interviews, as well as focus groups, observations, questionnaires, document studies and also exploratory citizen research. Research data will mainly be qualitative, but quantitative elements do occur.

One of the program's strengths lies in the fact that we address different perspectives based on individuals in different roles as well as different technologies, groups, organizations and society at large. We also have several subject-related disciplines represented in our group (industrial economics, psychology, informatics, innovation and sustainability, human-computer interaction, political science and technology and social change) which contributes to the possibility of creating genuine interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary science and a new, necessary, innovative and also critical, independent, knowledge.