Smart grids for the many people

Resistance and power – on smart grids for the many people

The vision of the research program is to lay the foundation for an innovative knowledge development of smart grids that benefit many people.

Smart grids have the potential to radically change energy systems.

The research program will actively contribute to societal and behavior oriented perspectives in research and development of smart grids. These perspectives will help to develop knowledge that goes beyond a purely technical approach to the basic infrastructure. Smart grids, as part of a larger energy system, are beyond a fixed technical infrastructure. There is need for new knowledge, new technology and new services and to understand how they interact.

The overall goal of the research program is to:

  • create an awareness of and thus pave the way for the relevance of smart grids among various societal actors, especially those who so far have neither been involved in research efforts nor involved in their development and implementation.
  • increase societal benefits by including more perspectives in the continued understanding and development of the phenomenon of smart grids.


The research program is a collaboration between the universities below. Linköping University is the project owner.

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Logotype Familjen Kamprads stiftelse

The Kamprad Family Foundation

The board of the Kamprad Family Foundation (FKS) has identified smart grids as an important research topic. Therefore, six leading researchers have put this research program together.